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The Science of Intentional Living
Imagine having the power to create the life you choose by simply being aware of your intentions. Join the United Intentions community and create your intentions with web-based tools, while socializing in a positive and worldwide community.
Beta Testers Needed!
Thank you for visiting our landing page.

We are very excited about launching the website very soon! But first, we need a select few to beta test the site to make sure everything is working and to let us know what you think.

Email us at beta@unitedintentions.org and please provide your name. You will receive an introduction email and then another email explaining in detail how the beta testing will work once the site is ready.

After testing the site, we ask you to please fill out a survey we developed on surveymonkey.com inquiring about your opinions on the site and how we can improve in any way possible.

You are welcome to remain a member and use the site as you wish before we open it up to the public.

There will be prizes available for testers finishing the testing and for giving quality feedback.

Again thank you so much for participating in advance and we are very appreciative for your participation and eager to share our website with you. So email us now for a chance to make a difference!