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Meet the UIF Team


Tim Ray - Founder and CEO

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As a young college student, in the 80's, Tim Ray, Founder and CEO of United Intentions, learned about the mind-body connection as the key to health. He thought he saw a similar strong connection between service to employees and clients and the health of a business "bottom line". Led by those two insights, Tim's multi-faceted career as a leader in healthcare, creator of educational programs and business owner found exceptional success. Even with a strong vision and mission, Tim found the hardest work by far, was keeping a positive, powerful focus on how he intended to live. With little time and a world full of distractions, he wanted a relaxing and simple way to focus in the midst of everyday struggle.Working with the techniques he accumulated over the years brought great success and satisfaction to Tim's family and career life. You can learn these skills to practice and experiment on the United Intentions website.

John San Miguel - Executive Producer

Born in Brooklyn New York, John San Miguel migrated to warmer climates as soon as he was able. While pursuing a Theatrical Arts degree in Long Beach California, the military intervened and sent him to Hawaii where the climate was even more agreeable.

Blessed with gifted people skills and fluent in both sides of his brain, he attended the University of Hawaii and the Berkeley Film Institute before moving to Hong Kong and co-founding an International Production Agency. After 13 years of supplying image, marketing and information films to Asian, European & American companies he returned to the U.S., resides in Atlanta and takes assignments for Corporate, Government and Broadcast clients. John has a diverse creative background in theater, music, advertising, marketing and cable TV. He has worked as a writer/director, producer/director, and executive producer in corporate, documentary and magazine format television. John has produced content in two dozen countries and won 50 International Awards. He is active in his church and does volunteer work for The ArtReach Foundation. He was introduced to Tim Ray in 2011 by a mutual friend and soon became caught up and involved in creating and contributing to Tim vision for a more intentional world.

Dr. Millhouse- Advisory Board

dr millhouse

Dr. Millhouse has been in private practice as a Clinical Sport Psychologist in the North Atlanta area since 1987. He has been with the Olympic Committee since 1985, served as the Sport Psychologist for Georgia Tech for 10 years while remaining a consultant and has taught Sport Psychology at Georgia State University, Auburn University and Michigan State University. Dr. Millhouse holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Michigan State University with specialty areas in counseling and clinical psychology, health psychology and human performance. Although Dr. Millhouse is licensed to provide intensive psychotherapy most of his time is devoted to teaching mental skills to athletes. Dr. Millhouse is excited to be working with the United Intentions Foundation Team and furthering of the UIF mission.

Michael Mays - Board of Directors/Treasurer

Michael Mays has over twenty years of management experience in positions of increasing leadership responsibility within the senior living industry. He currently serves as the president/CEO of Greenbrier living company. He received his J.D. from Emory University in Atlanta in 1990 and provided legal counsel primarily in the field of business and bankruptcy transactions.

Mr. Mays hopes to use his years of management and legal experience to help guide and build the United Intentions team in order to make the team more efficient. In addition, Michael can draw upon his experience to assist in finding like-minded people that share his own and the foundation’s passion for change and belief in the potential of every individual.

Stephan R Drage - Content Curator

Stephen R Drage is a seasoned product planner, developer and inventor, and ran the US product development operations for a major international telecommunications company. Stephen now runs his own business building and distributing telecom products internationally. In 2011 Stephen published his first novel Mud Lane – a comedy about life, seen through the eyes of a child growing up in England. His second book “Hot Heads” is due out early in 2014. Stephen was awarded the Atlanta Writers Club prize for fiction earlier this year. He is an active public speaker, having won numerous awards, and in 2009 was a finalist in the Toastmasters “funniest man in Georgia contest.” His speeches range from humor and social commentary, to politics, technology and motivation. His passion for living life in pursuit of truth and interest in the origins of belief systems, fuels his motivation to work with the United intentions foundation and all that it strives to do for society.

Jennifer Kramer - Director of Operations & Education

jenn pic

Jennifer Kramer is a dedicated and self-motivated individual offering a solid 17 year background in athletic & educational administration, fundraising, marketing, development, website management, event planning, coaching and teaching. She has a proven record of achievement in raising money each year that exceeds projected numbers each through fundraisers and reducing costs for budgets. Extensive experience in areas of communications, marketing, IT, event planning and daily operations management. She has a BS in Social Science Education and a MEd.in Educational Leadership. She has a true passion for helping others and continually learning and growing as a person. This is what led to her to United Intentions."I believe there is good intentions in all of us and I always try to look at the positive side of every situation." says Jennifer. "I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the UIF team, helping teach and spread the mission that we all can change our realities, one positive intention at a time."

Dannion Brinkley - Board Member

dannion brinkley

Dannion Brinkley is a NY Times bestselling author and internationally acclaimed speaker. As a leading expert on end-of-life care, death and grief he is a driving force in the integration of complementary and allopathic medicine. His non-profit organization, The Twilight Brigade, trains volunteers to be a loving presence at the bedside of veterans making their transition, from this world to the next. Dannion has accrued over 32,000 volunteer hours at the bedside of those in transition. Check him out at http://dannionandkathryn.com/He is also involved with The Twilight Brigade which assists Veterans in hospice care, along with The Untied Intentions Foundation.

Kathryn Brinkley - Board Member

Kathryn brinkley

Kathryn is a mother of 6 children, was leaving her own footprint in the literary world as the author of Jewels for this he Soul: Spiritual Reflections for the Heart and Soul. She was enjoying a career as a cutting edge journalist, with a very popular column, "Conversations with Kathryn". She dedicated her interviews to the spiritual insights of those in the forefront of the higher consciousness movement. Later Kathryn produced, and co-hosted, a radio show designed around those provocative, groundbreaking interviews. She is also involved with the Twilight Brigade as well as with The United Intentions Foundation.

Kelly Gallagher - Board Member

Kelly Gallagher

Kelly Gallagher is an actress and producer, known for Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (2016), Pissed (2000) and Mercury in Retrograde/The Mercury Chronicles (2012).

Jesse Till - Creative Director & Marketing

jesse till

Marketing expert. Creative guru. Global citizen. Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and raised in Managua, Nicaragua, Jesse Till’s multi-cultural background has led him to succeed in the technology and marketing space. Armed with a Master’s degree and a knack for communication, he’s been able to grow countless startups, build marketing agencies, and defining careers for musicians, promotional companies, and venues within a 5-year span. Now, he’s the marketing & creative director for United Intentions Foundation, coming up with engaging and compelling strategies to let a global community of forward-thinking individuals know how to change your mindset and create your own reality. When he’s not booking high-profile guests for the UI Network and sending messages through social media, he’s in the studio working on his music with other talented musicians and artists!



Meet the UIF Interns


Elissa Geckler

My name is Elissa Geckeler, and I am interning for United Intentions Foundation. I am attending Georgia College and State University and will be in my second year in the fall. I majoring in biology with a minor in management. United intentions has been a great organization for me to gain real life experience and networking opportunities. Through the intentions process I've been able to create, envision, and accomplish several goals for this upcoming semester, and for my future."

Kastina Hayes

My name is Kastina Hayes. I recently finished up my Masters degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. I enjoy writing, editing, reading, and most of all being creative. I love using my creativity, from telling a story to putting together a collage. I also have a Bachelors degree in Psychology. This degree has helped me to learn more about people and how and why they behave the way they do, myself included. In addition, I get great pleasure from listening to, offering suggestions and advice, and helping others as much as possible.

Cooper Lewis

Cooper Lewis aspires to obtain his doctoral degree in the field of Multicultural Psychology. His goal is to use the skills he acquires through his studies to travel the world while helping those in need or study cultures that are misunderstood. He uses his skills as a leader and critical thinker to contribute to his community and academia. He also avidly volunteers and serves in leadership roles at Kennesaw State University as Vice President of the Psychology Club and Secretary of Psi Chi, the National Honors Society for Psychology students. His previous work experience includes jobs in retail, fitness, festival services, soccer refereeing, childcare, and delivery services. Cooper is proud to be a member of the United Intentions team where he aims to use his strengths within the foundation to spread the role of positive thoughts and living an intentional life.

Brittany Adusei

Brittany is a junior at Kennesaw State University majoring in psychology and minoring in statistics. She is a member of the Kennesaw State cheer team and is an active member and representative of KSU cheer in the Student-Athletic Advisory Committee. Brittany participates in numerous volunteer projects and does her best to give back to the community as much she can. She wishes to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology where she can assist patients with mental illnesses such as PTSD, ADHD, and Autism. Development of scientific programs will help her patients train and recondition their brains for positive development. She wants to implement this as an alternative to heavy medications to help patients lead less stressful lives. Brittany joined the United Intentions team because she believes that the focus of the organization is to help others reach their true potential. Bringing like-minded people together for the greater good of mankind is what attracts her to this organization as she works to help it flourish as an intern.

Amber Hagans

AMy name is Amber Hagans, I am a marketing student at Georgia State University. I aspire to live my life as positively and intently as possible and with the help of the United Intentions foundations I am able to do that! United Intentions has continually helped me set my goals and realize my aspirations, whether it be for my health or career. The foundation influences me to be a better me, and I couldn't be more grateful for their work!

Avril James-Hurt

Avril has a B.S. in exercise science from Georgia State University and a Master's of public health from Benedictine University. Avril began studying Yoga philosophy two decades ago, which has inspired her to become a coach in these teachings--where meditation is central. Avril leads weekly meditation groups and a Sunday service at Unity North Atlanta. This is where she first learned about United Intentions during a presentation. She was instantly hooked and desires to share how the process of meditation can clear the mind for precise intentions and help maintain the momentum for attaining them. She works for Piedmont Healthcare leading: Yoga Therapy classes and mindfulness-based employee stress management classes.

Taela Dudley

Taela Dudley is fascinated with every aspect of the mind and its relation to the body. As a rising sophomore at Duke University, Taela hopes to further explore this interest and major in Neuroscience. This fall, she will begin her first independent study that will explore the effects of nutrition on cognitive processes. While she intends to focus on neuroscience during her college career, Taela still has a wide variety of interests that include linguistics, sociology, and politics. Ultimately, she hopes to bring an interdisciplinary spin to the study of neuroscience by fusing the field with many other fields of her interest. Her passion for the cognitive aspects of psychology makes the United Intentions Foundation a perfect fit. Through her work with the foundation she hopes to spread the message that your cognitions and thoughts can create your reality.

Ayana Dudley

Ayana Dudley is a rising junior at Cambridge High School. She currently works as a Swim Instructor at Lifetime Fitness and loves working with kids. Ayana avidly volunteers in her community as she is a member of Beta Club and has recently founded the Hunger Paws Club dedicated to fighting hunger in her local area. Ayana is passionate about volunteering her time to help others, so an internship at The United Intentions Foundation was the perfect opportunity for her to do so while learning new concepts of how to better people’s lives at the same time.

Chuba Amadi

Chuba was born in Germany then raised in England and Nigeria before moving to the United States. He has done studies in fine arts and graphic design and is currently finishing his studies in marketing and advertising. Chuba feels that, in this day and age, creativity is a business tool in a marketing industry where the user experience can be equally as important as the product creating that experience. Chuba's hobbies primarily revolve around his love for illustrating during his personal time and formulating ideas for a series of paintings. Chuba hopes to use the skills that he has acquired to help the United Intentions Foundation spread the importance of thought in day to day life experiences.